About Us

About Rahman & Young:

In 2000, David Rahman and William Young formed a trading team, Rahman & Young. These highly-educated specialists formed and leveraged the skills of a new team of professionals, built connections, and cultivated talents to create new business cells in the market. From a small company to a dynamic market leader with an international partner network in just 18 years, Rahman & Young has adhered to the innovative vision of its two founders from its inception.

We consistently set industry standards and innovate in the field of asset management services. Our rapidly growing array of solutions for adapting to and changing client needs is enriched by an always-increasing depth of experience. Asset management breaks new ground with Rahman & Young.

"Our vision is to lead a competitive asset management market into the future, to create new opportunities for growth, and establish new standards of innovation in an ever-changing market."

William Young


Rahman & Young has been, for 18 years, the most trusted name in asset management field, and as our reliability generates greater profits, we, in turn, are glad to pass these profits onto our clients. We offer competitive returns on investments (ROI) for our clients funds with absolute minimum risk. Over time, our clients enjoy a continuous flow of residual income. Our reliability continues to generate client prosperity.


Internet access is all it takes to create an account via our secure servers, using either a computer or mobile device, and begin investing today with Rahman & Young. Customer support is available 24/7, so you can access your accounts, view posted transactions, and interface with our team of experts at your convenience and on-the-go. Our borderless investment services reach clients across the globe and support growth across borders.


Investing with Rahman & Young is 100% confidential and 100% secure. User data is encrypted and stored in a secure, dedicated server. Our pioneering software allows investment account owners to access their transaction records via temporary sessions over secure socket layer established with the help of secure token based server-browser connection exchange. Unlike other companies, we maintain a traditional view of client privacy and security—we will never use or sell your information to any entity.

Why choose Rahman & Young?

Our proven investment funds and advisory services are what our clients trust. Our experienced team members understand and care deeply about helping you improve your financial situation, whether that means long-term, short-term, financial, or organizational goals, and our clients have come to rely on this care. We have worked for 18 years to earn this trust, and we continue to strive for quality interactions with both old and new clients every single day. Investment profits and client satisfaction are key to maintaining a foundation of trust and a reputation for reliability in asset management. We excel in offering the best possible opportunities for growth and profit-generation. We work immensely hard, we stay after hours, in order to accurately track and ascertain your success and development.

Trust is also about guaranteeing transparency, security, and privacy. The optimum level of security and privacy is total security and privacy, so we have adopted innovative measures to ensure that your online investing accounts remain hack-proof, and continue to adapt to new threats. Your information is kept confidential, always, including your sign up and daily account information. Our encrypted database provides protection so that you can rest easy. Online investing can be very risky, but we absorb these risks to create a risk-free environment for you and handle your accounts in the most efficient manner possible. Our clients choose Rahman & Young because it’s the name you can trust.

Our Guarantees

  • We guarantee easy account opening
  • We guarantee free money transfers to and from any part of the globe
  • We guarantee transparent and professional investment fund management
  • We guarantee broad diversification of investment funds
  • We guarantee automatic pay-out of clients’ interest
  • We guarantee access to reliable investment funds in order to generate stable incomes