Privacy Policy

Last Revised on January 2018

Using the online investment service Rahman & Young is associated with the collection of personal information of all the Internet users registered on the website and this sets priorities for Rahman & Young in compliance with the privacy policy terms.

All personal information of the customers including IP address, browser language, Internet connection speed and the screen resolution are required for Rahman & Young company to improve navigation of the website and develop multi-lingual interface.

Rahman & Young also monitors the IP addresses of the clients to reveal the facts of numerous accounts registered by one Internet user which is strongly prohibited by the Terms & Conditions.

First and second name of the customer, his/her payment details, and the financial data about investment operations are stored encrypted with an increased confidential priority on the servers certified in accordance with the security standard of ISO 27001.

Rahman & Young company is not responsible for the disclosure of personal data resulted from reckless actions of the customer, the irresponsible attitude towards secure storing of passwords or access to your own E-mail. If any cases of privacy policy violation and customer complaints are revealed, the Rahman & Young company undertakes first to check the situation to eliminate the negligence of the customer in relation to their own personal data. In case it happens that the violation of the privacy policy takes place through the fault of Rahman & Young, the company will bear the responsibility in accordance with the laws of the customer’s jurisdiction.

Privacy policy prohibits the customers to share the login data to access the account under any pretext, including the informational, accounting or auditing purposes.

At the same time Rahman & Young company warns the customers about the purposes of personal data collection required solely for improvement of service and prevention of the personal data transfer to the third parties.