Frequently Asked Questions

Getting familiar with the investment business on the Internet

What is a website of an investment company?
How does an investment company earn profit for investors?
How to conduct financial operations and which money to choose?

Getting familiar with Rahman & Young service

What is Rahman & Young from a legal point of view?
How can I check the incorporation data for Rahman & Young?
Where Rahman & Young office is located?
Who can participate in your opportunity and do you accept investors from all countries?
What shall I do to become an investor of Rahman & Young?
Does the company uses in investment process own funds?
Does the company pay taxes?
Whether activity of the company is lawful?
Do you charge a fee for providing your investment services?

About a Rahman & Young account

Why do I need an account with Rahman & Young?
How to create an account?
How long does it take to create an account?
What does it cost to create an account?
How many accounts can I create in my name?
Can other members of my family open an account and use it from the same computer that I use?
What additional documents can be required after registration?
Can I delete my account?
How frequently are you updating my account?
What shall I do if I forget my password?
How can I access the account?
How can I get the statistics of operations in my account?
How can I change my personal information in my account?
How can I change the E-mail used to register my account?
I made a mistake during the registration and entered an incorrect E-mail. How to fix it?
How can I change the password?
How can I change my payment accounts?
What can be the reason for the login problems?

About investing in Rahman & Young

How can I deposit to my account with VISA / Mastercard?
How can I deposit to my account with PayPal?
Which payment methods do you accept?
Why do you use online payment processors?
What shall I do to invest money in an investment fund?
Are there any limits for an investment amount?
How long will it take to add the deposit amount to my account?
What do you do with the money I invest in a fund?
How long does the investment period last?
Can I redeem my deposit, let's say, in 10 days?
Is there a possibility of automatic reinvestment of profits (compounding)?
Can I deposit using an e-currency and withdraw my money in a different one?
Do you return the money (initial deposit) invested in a fund?
What happens when the deposit expires?
Can I invest several deposits at once?
Can I make a deposit directly from my balance or shall I first withdraw the funds?
I have several deposits made in Rahman & Young. Can I unite them into one deposit?
Do you offer guaranteed income?
Is there a restriction on the number of active deposits?

About profit management

What does the profit from an investment fund mean?
How often is the profit paid to the investors?
When and how is the profit paid?
When is the first profit paid?
Where can I see my profit?
How much can I earn?
Shall I pay a profit tax?
Are you paying profits during weekends?
How to set the account to withdraw a profit?
How to withdraw a profit?
What is the minimum amount to withdraw?
How long does it take to withdraw a profit?
Do you charge any fees to withdraw funds?
What can be a reason for a profit withdrawal delay?

About participation in the Partnership Program

Who can participate in the Partnership Program?
I can't find Partnership Program section in my account, what should I do?
What is a personal referral link?
What profit can be earned by the partners?
Do I need to have active investment in order to participate in your Partnership Program?
Do I receive commission if my partner has made deposit from account balance?
How to promote Rahman & Young while participating in the program?
How can I use the profit received from participation in the Partnership Program?

Questions and answers on security and guarantees

How to create an account correctly?
What passwords to use?
What programs to use to protect the computer?
How to ensure the safety of your Rahman & Young account?
How secure are user accounts and personal data?
Which refund guarantees do you give?
Why is it so important to watch over safety?

Other questions

I noticed a typo (language correction), how to notify you?
I haven’t found an answer to my question. What can I do?